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Pinnacle Scaffolding Services is Sidcup's most sought-after
scaffolding company. We have over 30 years of experience in the industry.
scaffolding services in Sidcup
Cost-effective and reliable


Pinnacles Scaffolding Services provide safe and reliable scaffolding solutions for all your commercial projects, working with diverse clients across various industries. Our scaffolds are cost-effective and dependable. Our exceptional designs are aimed at minimising workplace-related incidents as the safety of your workers is crucial.
An advantage of our scaffolding team is how hard-working and vigilant they are. Whilst any work is being carried out, other buildings which are public spaces must carry on with their function. As a company, we execute this.
Our commercial scaffold projects have included High Street Banks, Schools and Hospitals where specific access is required to maintain and repair a building or facilities. We work with multiple clients across Kent, Essex, Surrey and London.

What do our Commercial Clients Need?

Minimum Disruption

As previously mentioned, buildings that are working public spaces, especially with work being carried out, should be done with minimum disruption to the public or users of the building. In addition to the scaffold, we often have to create temporary fencing, barriers, cordons and safety signage for those around.

Public safety

During work, the public’s safety is crucial; we work closely with our commercial clients to ensure that any jobs are not causing any danger to the general public or staff.

Restricted timescales

As a business, we hire the most beneficial working team with excellent time management skills to achieve work at a high standard that may need to be carried out in a short window of time, such as school holidays, weekends or evenings. This only happens in some circumstances, such as Schools.

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All our commercial scaffolders are trained to CITB / CISRS industry recognised standards, compliant with the Work at Height Regulations 2005 and approved codes of practice. We also have independent safety advisors.

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